Symfony World: Decoupling an Application with Symfony Messenger


Conference: Symfony World 2020, Online
Title: Decoupling an Application with Symfony Messenger

Quick response times are crucial. Time consuming tasks triggered in web requests should be executed asynchronously, if at all possible. In this talk I will give a short overview of what message queues are and then show a case study how we split up an application into smaller services and how we use message queues to coordinate the services.

Due to Covid, the conference took place online. If you attended the conference, you can re-watch the video on

It was a weird experience, doing a talk completely remotely. We pre-recorded the talk, so while it was running I was mainly in the chat where we had a lively discussion with questions from the audience and me and other experts on the topic answering those questions while the talk was still ongoing. I probably also had the largest audience i ever had, peaking at around 600 people.

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