Workshop: Debugging PHP Applications

Conference: PHP Benelux 2018, Antwerp, Belgium
Title: Debugging PHP Applications
Format: 3 hours interactive workshop.

Sooner or later, an application will have errors. Some of them will be your fault, or that of a teammate. Others stem from third party libraries you are using. We want to be able to locate the cause of the error as quickly as possible. In this workshop, we will do exercises that will help you debug your applications more efficiently as well as writing them in a way that they get easier to debug.

We will look at the following topics:

- reading stack traces
- how to search through the code base
- writing good exception messages - development time versus run time exceptions (validate options, e.g. OptionsResolver)
- use logging (monolog channels)
- step by step debugger
- using phpunit to debug
- git bisect

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