PHPBenelux Conference 2014: Getting started with content management in Symfony2 - 3 hour workshop

Conference: PHPBenelux Conference 2014, 24-25.1.2014
Title: Getting started with content management in Symfony2
Links: Tutorial Code,

he Content Management Framework (CMF) is a set of building blocks for content management in Symfony2. You can use just parts of it to add some content management to your Symfony2 project, or use the whole stack to build customized CMS applications for specific needs.

In this workshop, we do a tour through the CMF. We will look at the existing functionality and I will do live-coding to implement additional features. This will get you a feel for how things work.

I will cover at least the following subjects:
editing with create.js and sonata
user editable routing with a database
menu system
block system
media handling
PHPCR-ODM Content repository with translation and versioning
You should have a basic understanding of Symfony2 or things might be a bit fast for you in this session. If you want to try out the CMF before the session, you best install the CMF Sandbox and play with it a bit.

The tutorial is available as a series of pull requests on a tutorial repository:

symfony cmf