PHPCR workshop in Zurich 8th of May 2011

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As announced recently, there will be a PHPCR hackday and workshop in Switzerland. The workshop will take place sunday 8th of may at the liip office in zurich, Feldstrasse 133. If you are interested, please sign up on this wiki page.

Henri from the midgard project found some funding from the IKS project, so we can offer the event without participation fees. You will just need to travel to zurich and probably want a place to stay over night. A good address close to the office is Chreis 4 Hotel.

The overall goal of the workshop is to exchange knowledge about PHPCR and the Jackalope implemenation. The workshop is not a conference. Participants are invited to propose topics they either want to present or hope to hear about. The wiki page shows the up to date list of topics (just edit the wiki page to add your ideas). At the time of this writing, we have:

  • The JCR and PHPCR in practice

  • API and compatibility tests for PHPCR

  • Implementing PHPCR into your CMS

  • Semantic enrichment and VIE with PHPCR

  • Challenge the PHPCR API. Is JCR_TO_PHPCR right? Too many changes? Should we do more?

  • Discuss the Jackalope transport layer (PHPCR implementations could share most of the implementation code and only differ on backends, encapsulated by the transport layer)

Some people will arrive on saturday already. We could do "something" together, the same if people can stay until monday. To organize this, please write into the wiki page whether you would be around on saturday or monday and what you would want to do. If you want to hack some more, the Liip office would be available. One topic we would think interesting is the Symfony content management framework and the phpcr doctrine binding as a real world application built on phpcr.

Looking forward to meet you in Zurich :-)

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