Recap Symfony Live Conference in Paris


I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Last week, there was the Symfony Live conference in Paris. The conference was surprisingly big, about 500 developers came together in the impressing building of Cité Universitaire Internationale. The main topic was of course the upcoming Symfony2 release. We had two days of talks and a hackday on Saturday, and lots of fun every night. The topics are on the conference website, some discussion and slides are on

The state of Symonfy2

Instead of announcing a release candidate, Fabien Potencier had to explain that we need some more weeks to clean up some areas of Symfony2 before a release candidate can be made. I really agree that this is the only reasonable way. Although Symonfy2 is already fairly stable and has an excellent architecture, some areas need cleanup that could lead to compatibility breaks. Once the stable release is out, no such breaks are allowed at all for the entire life time of Symfony2! The next steps towards stabilization of Symonfy2 happened at the conference hackday on Saturday. We discussed a lot of topics and took some decisions. Work will continue at a fast pace. If you are interested, please check out the symfony web site.


Liipers had quite a share of the talks. In order of schedule, they where

There was also an unconference with a spontaneous schedule. Liipers presented Monolog (Jordi), Varnish (Pierre), Redis (Jordi), Symfony2 Debian Packager (Lukas), Scaling With Messaging (RabbitMQ) (Alvaro).

A worthwhile trip

Personally, I very much enjoyed getting to know all these people I so far have only met on twitter, irc, skype and email before. And I learned a lot, not only about Symfony2, but also about servers, optimization and so on. Thanks Liip for having a personal education budget to enable me to attend this conference. Oh, and one more thing: Visiting the city, I learned that there has to be a carousel next to each tourist magnet :-)

Bonus: Some pictures I did not put onto the liip blog

symfony photos