Feedback Blocks: Interactive Video Installation made with processing

Today I want to present the interactive installation that was the original reason for me to start learning processing. "Feedback Blocks" is an interactive installation, where the audience is part of the installation. I share some short films and explain a bit how the installation works.

The concept for the installation is quite simple, but the effects are quite interesting - even if i say so myself. A camera (in my case the PS3 Eye) is hooked to my laptop, filming the wall where a projector is showing my application. The camera input is put into a buffer and the application puts the buffer into 4 x 3 fields with various delays from 1 to 10 seconds, and mirrors some of the fields. If you are confused now, watch the videos and see for yourself :-)

The picture is the opposite wall, so the whole thing is quite big. I filmed this when I showed the installation at a wedding, on the floor people where dancing. The light dots moving about sometimes come from the disco lights...
Sorry for the quality of the videos. I just put a cheap consumer digicam and told it to film. I removed the sound for you, because that was even worse.


A lighter right in front of the Camera


A plastic duck dancing for the camera


Another lighter sequence


People dancing in front of the camera


I got the idea for this thing at some music concert in Fribourg where they had a similar installation outside the concert hall. I can not give proper credits as I forgot where it was and what concert that was. I never found out who did the installation, but I liked it so much that I wanted to try something similar - the result you can see here. interactive art