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Content management in Symfony2

About David Buchmann

Twitter: @dbu

David is a senior developper at Liip SA, specializing in Symfony2. He is also Certified Scrum Master and is glad for the additional perspective this gives.

Liip is doing custom web development with PHP in Switzerland.

The Plan

Symfony crash intro

Symfony directories

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Symfony2 Quick Tour on

CMF Intro

The Symfony CMF project makes it easier for developers to add CMS functionality to applications built with the Symfony2 PHP framework. Key development principles for the provided set of bundles are scalability, usability, documentation and testing

CMF = Content Management Framework

Conference Tutorial

Conference Tutorial

Doctrine PHPCR-ODM

PHPCR-ODM is not ORM, nor MongoDB or CouchDB ODM

* Not yet implemented in Jackalope

Repository Content

      <home title="Hello">
        <block title="News"
          content="Today: PHPCR presentation"/>
      <contact title="Contact"

Symfony2 Control Flow


Symfony2 Control Flow

CMF additions

Route and template

  1. Hardcode controller in route object
  2. Configure by 'type' parameter on route object
  3. Configure by content class
  4. Template by content class (default controller)

Questions & Answers

Play with it today!

Get the CMF sandbox on github

Challenge: Build an FAQ page!


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