The hitchhikers guide to the high frontier

A while ago I read about a new board game called High Frontier, about colonizing space in the near future. The author Phil Eklund from Sierre Madre Games aimed no lower than producing the "most scientific sci-fi game ever produced". I think he went as far as possible in the scientific - any more and the game aspect would have been lost below science. The background part in the rulebook with explanations about the scientific background of rules and cards is as long as the rules themselves.

Why a project switched from Google Search Appliance to Zend_Lucene

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Google technology does a good job when searching the wild and treacherous realms of the public internet. However, the commercial Google Search Appliance (GSA) sold for searching intranet websites did not convince me at all. For a client, we first had to integrate the GSA, later we reimplemented search with Zend_Lucene. Some thoughts comparing the two search solutions.

This post became rather lengthy. If you just want the summary of my pro and con for GSA versus Lucene, scroll right to the end :-)

Photos von 2010

Ein paar Eindrücke vom vergangenen Jahr 2010. Zu einigen Bildern gibts noch mehr - einfach auf den Tag "photos" klicken um Photoalben zu finden.

PHP Content Repository: Full implementation in sight

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Recently, I put a finishing cleanup on the PHPCR API, the port of the Java Content Repositry API (JCR) to PHP. PHPCR is implemented by Jackalope, which got a whole team at Liip working at it to fix the failing tests and fill in missing bits.

You might have heard that we started to port the Java Content Repository (JCR) standard to PHP. If not, read the Jackalope post from last year.

Drupal Context and Zen Theme

For a private project using Drupal, i tried if I can be efficient, after the not-so-awesome experience of using Drupal in a big project (more on that some other time). So far, progress for this small size project is very good. In this post, I want to share how to use the context module to change the page appearance based on the menu navigation, and how to make the Zen theme cooperate with the context module.

Ars Electronica 2010

For the first time, I visited the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. It was quite interesting, altough i had hoped for more electronic art. With its motto "Repair" and the focus on the future of society, the festival got an extremly broad focus. There was some very interesting electronic art to see. But there was also a lot of things that where not art or even bleeding edge technologies like electric bycicles or solar panels. Don't get me wrong, I do think this technologies have to be part of a sustainable future. But I would expect that someplace with a large crowd, not at an art festival.

Eringer Kuhkampf

Anstatt blutigen Stierkämpfen lassen die Walliser ihre Kühe gegeneinander antreten. Die Kühe der Eringer Rasse haben das natürliche Bedürfnis, in der Herde auszumachen welches das stärkste Tier ist. Für die Combat des Reines genannten Kämpfe führen die Bauern die Leitkühe ihrer Herden zusammen.

Der Home Computer 2004 - RAND 1954

Die Gegenwart von der Vergangenheit aus betrachtet...

Feedback Blocks: Interactive Video Installation made with processing

Today I want to present the interactive installation that was the original reason for me to start learning processing. "Feedback Blocks" is an interactive installation, where the audience is part of the installation. I share some short films and explain a bit how the installation works.

Jö, die Bären

Letztes Jahr wurde endlich der Berner Bärengraben aufgehoben und den Bären ein - für Zoo-Verhältnisse - anständiges Gehege gebaut. Die Bären haben sich mit Jungen bedankt, die nun die Leute scharenweise an die Aare locken. Ausserdem waren wir im Tierpark Dählhölzli bei den Steinböcken. Ein paar Photos.

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