Symfony Live Paris: Le PHP Content Repository PHPCR

Conference: Symfony Live Paris, 5-6.4.2013
Title: Le PHP Content Repository PHPCR
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PHPCR and Magnolia CMS: Bridging the PHP and Java Worlds

Back a few years ago when I started the PHP content repository PHPCR and the Jackalope project, one of the goals was to integrate between PHP applications and Java Content Management Systems. Last year we did a hackday with gregory from Magnolia CMS where we integrated PHP Jackalope with the Java MagnoliaCMS. On 28 Feb 2013, I will present the topic as a MagnoliaCMS webinar entitled "Connect PHP Applications with Magnolia CMS through PHPCR".

SunshinePHP Miami: Step By Step: Making a Website Fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI

Conference: SunshinePHP Miami, 8-9.2.2013
Title: Step By Step: Making a Website Fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI
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Starting with a demo web site that is not optimized, I will demonstrate step by step how the user experience can be improved. I will show how to improve javascript and css loading and how to use the caching proxy Varnish with Edge Side Includes (ESI) to cache personalized pages.

SunshinePHP Miami: Symfony2 Intro

Conference: SunshinePHP Miami, 8-9.2.2013
Title: Symfony2 Intro
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Symfony2 is a powerful and very flexible framework to build web applications. It is built on top of PHP 5.3. This session is for people who don’t know Symfony2 yet. It will be a tutorial style talk with lots of demos where i walk you through the first steps of using Symfony2 and introduce you to its most important components.

PHP Benelux: Symfony Content Management Framework

Conference: PHP Benelux, 25-26.1.2013
Title: Symfony Content Management Framework
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In this talk i will present the Content Management Framework (CMF). It is a set of building blocks you can use to build content management in any Symfony2 project: Content repository with translation and versioning, database routing, menu system and building the page.

PHP Tour Nantes: Symfony Content Management Framework

Conference: PHP Tour Nantes, 29-30.11.2012
Title: Symfony Content Management Framework
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Je vais présenter le Content Management Framework (CMF). C'est une collection des composants afin de faire la gestion de contenu dans les projéts symfony: Doctrine content repository avec traduction et versions, routing avec des données de la bd, système menu et construction des pages. Une idée général de Symfony va vous aider à mieux comprendre cette conférence.

PHP Tour Nantes: PHPCR

Conference: PHP Tour Nantes, 29-30.11.2012
Title: PHP Content Repository - the tree-based NoSQL database standard
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My first conference in french :-)

Semantic web meets frontend-awesomeness

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Frontend editing is a hot topic at the moment. With the HTML5 content-editable, there is no longer any excuse to reload a page in edit mode and render forms on server side. And even less to use the iframe mess of traditional WYSIWYG editors. One excellent frontend editing project is create.js. Its main strength is to use RDF annotations in HTML (RDFa) to explain the semantic structure of your content. Then you load create.js and tell it what editors to use for your entities. Storage happens based on backbone.js, the server backend is easy to implement.

Webmardi Fribourg: Introduction to Symfony2

Conference: Webmardi Fribourg, 3.7.2012
Title: Symfony2 - Powerful and flexible web application framework in state of the art PHP
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Symfony2 introduction. Followed by a Liip techtalk a week later aimed at people knowing Symfony2 a bit, focussing on using the various Symfony2 components standalone.

Symfony Live Paris 2012: Agile and Symfony

Conference: Symfony Live Paris 2012
Title: Agile and Symfony
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In this talk I share our experiences at Liip with agile development in Symfony2. I focus on technical aspects of agility that will be helpful whether you use Scrum, Kanban or some other agile process. Agility is not limited to program code, there are also ways to handle data model changes. I will talk about our take on unit and functional tests with the WebTestCase, about the Doctrine Migrations project and automated deployment.

Additionally, I did a lightning talk about Symfony CMF dynamic routing during this conference.

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