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Decoupling an application with message queues

Conference: Symfony Con 2017, Cluj, Romania
Title: Decoupling an application with message queues
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Quick response times are crucial. Time consuming tasks triggered in web requests should be executed asynchronously, if at all possible. In this talk I will give a short overview of what message queues are and then show a case study how we split up an application into smaller services and how we use message queues to coordinate the services.

Confoo: Symfony Introduction

Conference: Confoo Vancouver 2016, Canada
Title: Symfony Introduction
Links: Slides

Symfony is a powerful and very flexible framework for building web applications. Symfony is also a collection of base components that you can use separately in any PHP application. This modular nature allows many frameworks to build on top of it, the most notable being Drupal 8 and Laravel. In this talk, I will give an overview of the fundamental Symfony components and show how to use the full stack framework.

Confoo Montreal: Beyond REST maturity levels: Real life, high-load REST APIs

Conference: Confoo Montreal 2016, Canada
Title: Beyond REST maturity levels: Real life, high-load REST APIs
Links: Slides

Implementing a REST API is not only about designing correct resource URLs. I will talk about the software and system engineering half it takes to build a data API. I will show concrete examples from a PHP project where we gather data from dozens of different services and systems and build a quickly accessible data index. The main technology stack is Symfony, Elasticsearch and Varnish.

Symfony routing under the hood

Conference: Symfony Con 2015, Paris, France
Title: Symfony routing under the hood
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Routing is this thing about mapping URLs to controllers, right? But in fact, there is a lot going on. Understanding the routing process will enable you to write more flexible code and keep logic out of your controllers. In this talk, we will see how routing actually works and then look at extension points like ParamConverters, custom request listeners and have a look at the CMF dynamic router that loads routes from databases or other sources on the fly.

Guild42: Das Symfony Framework

Talk: Guild 42, Bern, Switzerland
Title: Das Symfony Framework
Links: Slides

Modernes PHP im Einsatz.

Symfony ist ein mächtiges und sehr flexibles PHP Framework zum Entwickeln von Web Applikationen. Die Grundarchitektur ist um das HTTP Request/Response Modell aufgebaut. Einzelne Symfony-Komponente können zudem separat in anderen PHP Anwendungen verwendet werden.
Auf den modularen Bibliotheken von Symfony bauen auch andere wichtige Frameworks auf, die bekanntesten sind Drupal (ab Version 8), ezPublish und Laravel.

Symfony Live Paris:

Conference: Symfony Live Paris, 2015, Paris, France
Title: Repousser les limites : HTTP cache et utilisateurs connectés
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Tutorial: HTTP caching with Varnish

Conference: PHP Benelux Conference 2015, Antwerp, Belgium
Title: HTTP Caching with Varnish

For some scenarios, Varnish is the silver bullet to fix performance issues and go from slow site to lightning fast site. More often though, you will need to put some effort into your application to get good results. Ideally, you design your application to play well with caching from the outset. If you don’t know what you are doing, Varnish can also be the bullet to shoot yourself in the foot. Varnish is a server component that runs independent from your web server, making it useful whether your application is written in PHP,

Symfony2 Content Management in 50 Minuten

Conference: Symfony Live 2014 Berlin
Title: Symfony2 Content Management in 50 Minuten
Links: Tutorial Repository,

Das Content Management Framework baut auf Symfony2 auf. Es besteht aus einer Sammlung von Bundles um einfach und bequem Content Management in Symfony2 Projekte einzubauen. Die Bundles bieten Grundfunktionen wie editierbare Menüs, URLs und Inhalte. Ich zeige wie man mit dem CMF loslegt und praktische Features nutzt wie das transparente Handling von mehrsprachigen Inhalten.

PS: Thanks @realdragonito for the amazing doodle!

Madison PHP Conference: HTTP Caching with Varnish

Conference: Madison PHP Conference, Madison, WI
Title: HTTP Caching with Varnish
Links: Slides,

With the Varnish caching proxy, you can make slow websites blazingly fast. The basics are quite simple once you understand how the cache handling in HTTP works. For starters, we will look into HTTP and the Varnish configuration. The main course is going to be cache invalidation and the cache tagging strategy. For dessert, there will be an introduction to edge side includes (ESI) - all liberally sprinkled with examples from the FOSHttpCache library and some ideas from the FOSHttpCacheBundle for Symfony2.

DCPHP Washington: Introduction to the Symfony2 ecosystem

Venue: DCPHP Washington PHP User Group, Canvas co-working space, 27.8.2014
Title: Introduction to the Symfony2 ecosystem
Links: Slides,

Symfony2 is a powerful and very flexible web application framework. It is built as a set of components that can also be used independently.

The presentation will introduce the concepts of the Symfony2 framework and show how to work with it. We will also see related technologies like Twig, the default templating layer for Symfony.

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