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PHP Content Repository: Porting a Java standard to PHP

Conference: Codemotion Madrid, 18-19.10.2013
Title: PHP Content Repository: Porting a Java standard to PHP
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PHPCR is an API for hierarchical data, handling both structured and unstructured content. It provides APIs for permission management, versioning, locking, search with an SQL-like syntax and so on. Several major frameworks and CMS (Typo3, Drupal, Symfony2, Midgard, Nooku und eZ publish) support PHPCR or are in discussion whether to use it as common standard for storing their data.

Symfony Live Paris: Le PHP Content Repository PHPCR

Conference: Symfony Live Paris, 5-6.4.2013
Title: Le PHP Content Repository PHPCR
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PHPCR and Magnolia CMS: Bridging the PHP and Java Worlds

Back a few years ago when I started the PHP content repository PHPCR and the Jackalope project, one of the goals was to integrate between PHP applications and Java Content Management Systems. Last year we did a hackday with gregory from Magnolia CMS where we integrated PHP Jackalope with the Java MagnoliaCMS. On 28 Feb 2013, I will present the topic as a MagnoliaCMS webinar entitled "Connect PHP Applications with Magnolia CMS through PHPCR".

PHP Tour Nantes: Symfony Content Management Framework

Conference: PHP Tour Nantes, 29-30.11.2012
Title: Symfony Content Management Framework
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Je vais présenter le Content Management Framework (CMF). C'est une collection des composants afin de faire la gestion de contenu dans les projéts symfony: Doctrine content repository avec traduction et versions, routing avec des données de la bd, système menu et construction des pages. Une idée général de Symfony va vous aider à mieux comprendre cette conférence.

PHP Tour Nantes: PHPCR

Conference: PHP Tour Nantes, 29-30.11.2012
Title: PHP Content Repository - the tree-based NoSQL database standard
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My first conference in french :-)

PHP talking to Magnolia CMS

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Since we started working on Jackalope, we always claimed it would also provide an integration point with other enterprise systems. Last week, we set out to proof this idea. Grégory Joseph of the Java based Magnolia CMS came to help us on the Magnolia side of things. Magnolia is using the JCR reference implementation Jackrabbit for storing its content. After an interesting exchange on their design decisions and our ideas, we started to hack.

Jackalope observation and import repository dumps

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Daniel Barsotti and me were reviewing the observation API of PHPCR and decided to just implement getting the observation journal. The journal contains all add, remove and update operations that happened on a PHPCR repository. You can also filter the journal by event type, path, node type and other criteria. This way, PHPCR can become almost a message queue (but just almost, there is no guaranteed delivery of messages).

Doctrine PHPCR-ODM now handles versioning

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

The Doctrine PHPCR-ODM allows you to easily map your PHP objects onto content repository nodes. Since last week, the PHPCR-ODM leverages the versioning support of PHPCR in the ODM layer. This gives your application a very simple way to work with versioned content.

Multilanguage support for Doctrine PHPCR-ODM

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Over the last weeks, Dan, Brian and myself worked on adding translation capabilities to Doctrine PHPCR-ODM. PHPCR-ODM is an object - document mapper for the php content repository (PHPCR). Thanks to the Liip Ecostar process, we got funding to do this during work time.

International PHP Conference 2011: PHP Content Repository Specification

Conference: International PHP Conference / WebTech Con 2011
Title: PHP Content Repository Specification (joint talk with Lukas K. Smith)
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The PHPCR specification defines an API that combines the power of NoSQL databases with hierarchical data structures and versioning, powerful search and other features. Content repositories, like Midgard2 or Jackrabbit, can implement the API to provide generic access to their content. Using PHPCR, applications can focus on the application logic and use the API to quickly implement CMS functionality.

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