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Why a project switched from Google Search Appliance to Zend_Lucene

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

Google technology does a good job when searching the wild and treacherous realms of the public internet. However, the commercial Google Search Appliance (GSA) sold for searching intranet websites did not convince me at all. For a client, we first had to integrate the GSA, later we reimplemented search with Zend_Lucene. Some thoughts comparing the two search solutions.

This post became rather lengthy. If you just want the summary of my pro and con for GSA versus Lucene, scroll right to the end :-)

Drupal Context and Zen Theme

For a private project using Drupal, i tried if I can be efficient, after the not-so-awesome experience of using Drupal in a big project (more on that some other time). So far, progress for this small size project is very good. In this post, I want to share how to use the context module to change the page appearance based on the menu navigation, and how to make the Zen theme cooperate with the context module.

The greedyness of non-greedy regular expressions

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

We all love regular expressions, don't we? Well I usually do, but recently I lost quite a lot of time to find out this bit of particular behavior, so i thought i might share this.

Mediawiki SSO Login

Ich hatte das Problem zu lösen, dass neue Aktivmitglieder jeweils eine Email Adresse erhalten und Zugriff auf Webseiten mit Logins. Eine elegante Art das einfach zu lösen, ist wenn die Webapplikationen über die Emailadresse prüfen, ob der POP Server das Passwort akzeptiert. Dabei muss der Benutzername exakt der Teil der Emailadresse vor dem @ sein. Die Domain muss die Webapplikation anhängen - sonst könnte sich ja jeder mit beliebiger Email Adressen anmelden.

simplEcard E-Card Tool

I would like to announce simplEcard, a little script for electronic postcards I wrote. I wrote it because i wanted a simple system but one that is able to send HTML emails with the image embedded. Of course the email is multipart, so users without HTML mail also can read the message.

Please have a look at the simplEcard website

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