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Doctrine and Generated Columns

Using a smart SQL query with subqueries, we reduced the time to build a data export by a factor of (at least) 50. On the development system with little data, we got from the response from 11 seconds to about 0.25 seconds.

To make this possible, we had to use a generated column to be able to create an index on a field inside a JSON column. Doctrine does not know Generated Columns, so we had to hide the column and index from the Doctrine Schema Generator.

Beyond mysqldump

I repost some of my blog posts made @ liip. Please see here for the original post and comments:

There are several ways to transfer data from one mysql server to an other. Dumping a full table and re-importing it is rather simple, but sometimes you only want to transfer a selection of data. I will quickly explain the most common ones and then explain how i solved my way out of having neither phpmyadmin nor the privileges of SELECT...INTO OUTFILE.

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