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A picture kaleidoscope with processing

A while ago, I stumbled over an article about kaleidoscope creation, probably because of one of my adobe Flash collaborators. It was lying around for a while, then during a train ride i hacked something like that together in Processing. It is impressing how different a picture looks when mirrored this way.
I spent quite some more time to fine tune the sketch. I created an applet to play around on the web, but i recommend downloading the real application. The download version runs smoother and in full screen, plus you can load your own images and save snapshots.

Kinect and Processing

At a recent Liip Hackday, i worked with the Microsoft Kinect Depth Sensor. I took Processing Simple-OpenNI and added the "push" and "swipe" detectors. To install the processing openni library, you first need the Kinect drivers, OpenNI and NITE. We were successful with the guide of SensorKinect. Then you get the trunk version from google code.

Ars Electronica 2010

For the first time, I visited the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. It was quite interesting, altough i had hoped for more electronic art. With its motto "Repair" and the focus on the future of society, the festival got an extremly broad focus. There was some very interesting electronic art to see. But there was also a lot of things that where not art or even bleeding edge technologies like electric bycicles or solar panels. Don't get me wrong, I do think this technologies have to be part of a sustainable future. But I would expect that someplace with a large crowd, not at an art festival.

Feedback Blocks: Interactive Video Installation made with processing

Today I want to present the interactive installation that was the original reason for me to start learning processing. "Feedback Blocks" is an interactive installation, where the audience is part of the installation. I share some short films and explain a bit how the installation works.

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