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Decoupling an application with message queues

Conference: Symfony Con 2017, Cluj, Romania
Title: Decoupling an application with message queues
Links: slides,

Quick response times are crucial. Time consuming tasks triggered in web requests should be executed asynchronously, if at all possible. In this talk I will give a short overview of what message queues are and then show a case study how we split up an application into smaller services and how we use message queues to coordinate the services.

Elastic Meetup Switzerland: Data Import Strategies

Meetup: Elastic Meetup #15, Bern, Switzerland
Title: Data Import Strategies
Links: Slides (my talk only)
Co-Presenter: My work collegue Martin Janser did the second part about querying

Liip AG provides a data API for one of the largest swiss retail companies. Elasticsearch is the main data store. Martin Janser and David Buchmann will share some learnings and patterns from the project.

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