Mediawiki Extensions

Mediawiki Extensions

A while ago, i wrote some extensions for the MediaWiki software. The extensions evolve around the fascinating Semantic MediaWiki extension. ShowIncomingRelations adds backlinks for semantic information. CreateVirtualPages creates pages that are referenced by semantic information, but do not yet exist - to show backlinks. The most complex extension got the name SemanticAnnotations and allows to Annotate other subjects from within a page.

I have been sponsored by a guy called Kelly Terry Jones. He tested the extensions and payed me some money to code them. We agreed to release the extensions under GPL, so here they come! To avoid redundant information, all documentation about the extensions is kept on the site.

ShowIncomingRelations Backlinks for semantic information. Requires the Semantic MediaWiki extension to be installed. Documentation on
CreateVirtualPages Create pages referenced by Semantic MediaWiki tags. Requires the Semantic MediaWiki extension to be installed. Documentation on
SemanticAnnotations Allows one page to annotate other pages. If the target page does not yet exist, it is created (as by CreateVirtualPages for SemanticMediaWiki). No dependencies. Documentation on

I know these extensions are not bug-free. But i hope they might be useful for somebody. If you find bugs, please report them back for others to profit from your information.

ShowIncomingRelations-1.0-beta1.zip9.79 KB
CreateVirtualPages-1.0-beta1.zip11.2 KB
SemanticAnnotations-1.0-beta1.zip29.23 KB


And an even older MediaWiki extension

just to make this list complete, i did another extension called FormHandler to build forms inside of mediawiki. this one is not related to the semantic mediawiki, i wrote it back at university of fribourg :-)

you can read about the features - and the risks involved with this extension - here: FormHandler